WooCommerce 3.3.4 now available

The WooCommerce team released WooCommerce 3.3.4. This version includes an assortment of minor bug fixes, none of which address security issues, so there’s probably no harm in waiting a couple of days before updating to avoid any newly-introduced problems.

* Fix – Fixed undefined index after running setup wizard two times on fresh install.
* Fix – wc_get_loop_class; force columns to be a minimum of 1.
* Fix – Added loading spinner to WC panels in menu admin.
* Fix – Use relative scheme for AJAX endpoint to avoid errors when using a mix of HTTP and HTTPS.
* Fix – Fix SelectWoo templateSelection property.
* Fix – Layered nav support on unsupported theme archives.
* Fix – Prevent full refresh when editing store notice in the customizer.
* Fix – Only append tax label in email content if taxes are enabled.
* Fix – More reliable Jetpack detection.
* Fix – Check if product has weight before calculate weight total in cart.
* Fix – Correctly handle default ordering on the search page.
* Fix – Fix default product category handling in installer.
* Fix – Properly check slugs when updating attributes.
* Fix – Use gallery thumbnail size for variation image switcher.
* Fix – Clear subcategory cache when updating product categories.
* Fix – Round fractional cents when out of base.
* Fix – Inherit ‘is variation’ from existing attribute during csv import.
* Fix – Set is_shortcode loop prop when outputting subcategories.
* Fix – Reload gateways after updating the order.
* Tweak – Use wc_get_default_products_per_row as the default for product shortcodes.
* Tweak – Add post_excerpt to product search.
* Tweak – Update the description of the user tracking notice in the onboarding wizard.
* Tweak – Add extra data in order mobile view (status and date).
* Tweak – Add profile link to order screen.

Remember to always test updated on a staging website first, and report any issues to the WooCommerce team.

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